Mexican Food – An Insight

Mexican food is famous all over the world for the variety of flavours, it has and also for the spectacular presentation of the dishes. Although Mexican food varies slightly to some extent with regional variation, the basic ingredients, which are mostly plant-based ingredients, are very similar between countries. It is the fusion of these ingredients with different styles of cooking that brings about such spectacular varieties in Mexican cuisine.

One of the most popular types of Mexican dishes is Mexican chili. The word ‘chili’ comes from the Spanish word that means blistering or burning, so this is not a dish you can really consider a’savoury’ one. However, chili has many excellent flavours and it is used to enhance certain types of food such as seafood, chicken or beef. You will find a huge variety of dishes that are based mainly or entirely on chilli, from giant corn burgers to small feather-filled tacos, and all the delicious variations between the two.

There are also plenty of vegetarian Mexican dishes that are quite popular. These include salads which can be made to order or you can simply start with a bowl of mixed vegetables and a few tortilla chips. Vegetables are the best source of vitamins and protein in Mexican cuisine and they can be used to help you lose weight if you are a bit of a vegetarian. Other than salads, tofu is another very popular alternative for vegetarians, it is made with very little fat and very tasty.